About  Us

About The Academy

ELITE GOALKEEPER ACADEMY was started up by Steven Rodden (Former FC Seattle coach, Durham City FC Goalkeeper Coach, Hebburn Town FC and Lead Goalkeeper Coach – Carlisle United FC Academy)  in 2012 with the aim to providing young goalkeepers of the North East specialised goalkeeper coaching. Having noticed a distinct lack in depth of goalkeeper coaches at Grassroots Level he set about putting in place services that would be affordable and inclusive to all. Steven has put in place a number of coaching options available to goalkeepers of all ages with the aim to providing the complete goalkeeper coaching package.

Please see below for all current options available to young goalkeepers, teams and clubs around the North East.

Our goalkeeping options are:

–  Open Group Training: One hour coaching session once a week. This program is designed to teach attendees basic techniques and gradually progress through to more advanced techniques and drills.

– Advanced Goalkeeping: One hour of goalkeeper training per week for goalkeepers who have a good grasp of basic goalkeeping technique. Here your goalkeeper will go through more advanced, game based goalkeeping sessions with the aim to developing a greater tactical understanding whilst applying psychological processes to their game. 

– Specialist One-on-One Coaching: One on One coaching is designed to suit the needs of each individual. We will work to your own specifications and deliver sessions to improve areas you wish to work on as well as perfecting basic techniques.

-Group Coaching: Don’t want to train on your own? We also offer group coaching sessions. Train with your friends, make sessions more competitve and improve at an excelerated rate.

– ‘Keeper Fit’: Improve speed, coordination, agility, strength and general fitness with our specialised and personalised fitness plans. Complete sessions with Steven Rodden in the North East during One on One or specific Group Sessions (See News and Events for dates and times). All exercises are goalkeeper specific and not only targeted to get you fitter but also improve your goalkeeping performance.

We can provide session booklets  that are customised to your very own resources and specifications. Choose from; gym sessions, intensive fitness sessions and goalkeeping drills that incorperate fitness or mix and match them as you please! We also offer advice and guidance via email throughout the duration of your course.

– Club Coach: Junior or Senior Football Club? Looking for a goalkeeping coach? We travel to your club to coach your goalkeepers during your teams training sessions or through a dedicated time slot for all of your club goalkeepers.

*** Please note: Prices for each of the above vary, please email: elitegoalkeeperacademy@gmail.com for more information and prices ***

What To Expect

  • A fun, friendly and challenging environment for goalkeepers to learn in
  • In-depth and intense goalkeeper coaching
  • Drills that are relevant to goalkeeper progression
  • Coaching for all levels and all ages of goalkeeper
  • Help and guidance throughout

Coaching sessions are thoroughly structured and are created to cover all aspects of goalkeeping. Every session will begin with a correct warm up then advance into the coaching session covering the following aspects of goalkeeping:

  • Handling
  • Diving
  • Footwork
  • Positioning
  • Dealing with One v Ones
  • Dealing with Crosses
  • Distribution
  • Support and Communication
  • Reactions
  • Shot Stopping
  • Fitness

The coaching sessions will be conducted by Steven Rodden (UEFA B Qualified Coach with First Aid Training and Advanced CRB checked); a goalkeeper with over 15 years playing experience and also over 10 years coaching experience including 6 months of coaching in the US for FC Seattle.

Our Coaches

Steven Rodden


Steven is the founder of Elite Goalkeeper Academy and began his coaching career at the age of 19 when an opportunity arose in America with FC Seattle. Here Steven found his love for coaching and, having only went out to coach outfield players, he soon found himself working additional hours as a freelance goalkeeper coach. On Steven’s return from America he began work at a local boys club helping with team affairs as well as specialised goalkeeper coaching and in 2012 decided it was time to offer out goalkeeper coaching to a wider audience, this is where Elite Goalkeeper Academy was born.

Steven: ” My aim when setting up Elite Goalkeeper Academy was to offer something that I rarely had when growing up and playing as a goalkeeper; a regular, affordable place to go with good contact time with specialist goalkeeper coaches. I wanted to try and help as many young goalkeepers as I could in the region and hopefully, one day, produce a future England goalkeeper, but most of all I want young goalkeepers to come to me to learn and have fun whilst doing something that they thoroughly enjoy.”

Steven’s playing career never really got off the ground due to numerous injuries and operations, however, he did play to a high standard whilst studying Sports Performance and Excellence at Newcastle College and in the 2005-06 season Steven earned Player of The Season for the ECFA Squad.

Steven is the current Carlisle United Football Club Academy Goalkeeper Coach where he is in charge of all goalkeepers within the Academy from u9-u16s.


FA Level 1 Outfield, FA Level 1 Goalkeeping, FA Level 2 Outfield, FA Level 2 Goalkeeping, FA Futsal Level 1, FA Coaching Disabled Players, FA Youth Module 1, FA Youth Module 2

UEFA B (Assessment Pending)

UEFA B GK (Assessment Pending)

FA Youth Award (Assessment Pending)

Certified 1st Aid Person, FA Safeguarding, Advanced CRB Checked.

Dan Gourley


Daniel was the first coach drafted in by the founder (Steven) with the intentions of expanding the reaches as far as possible. Daniel has been affiliated with sports throughout his life such as football, rugby and cricket and has studied towards a sporting education in the form of a GCSE sport award, an A-level sport award and a sports degree. The adventure into becoming an experienced coach started while he was experimenting with sessions at GCSE level but it was not until he reached University that his career started to develop, mostly because of his integration with Elite Goalkeeper Academy. Daniel has burning aspirations to be either a sports teacher or a high profiled coach in a well established football association.

As a player, Daniel had an unfortunate set back in the form of a cartilage tear in his knee which resulted in surgery but before this he had a good run of youth football winning leagues, cups, tournaments, player of the year awards and a player of the league award.
Studying towards an honours degree in sports coaching at Northumbria University, Level 1 award in sports leadership.
FA level 1 football, FA level 2 football (Assessment Pending), FA Coaching Disabled Players, FA Level 1 Futsal
Certified 1st Aid Person , Safeguarding & protecting children, , Enhanced DBS checked.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Here at Elite Goalkeeper Academy we are very passionate about our coaching, the environment we create and the development of our goalkeepers.

Through the implementation of all of the below points we hope to develop our goalkeepers to a very high standard. We aim to do this through carefully designed training sessions which encompass the technical and tactical sides of the game, offering the goalkeeper the opportunity to fine tune their craft by teaching key goalkeeping techniques, allowing them to use them in practices with varied outcomes and finally introducing more open practices which allows them to make key decisions in game realistic sessions.

For any more information please email: info@elitegkacademy.com

What we expect from Our Coaches
  • Create a fun and friendly environment for our goalkeepers to thrive in
  • Always be approachable and be on hand to not just be a coach but also a mentor to our young goalkeepers
  • Create progressive, challenging sessions
  • To always remain professional
  • To continue to learn and improve through regular FA CPD Events and Coach Education days provided by Elite Goalkeeper Academy
  • Encourage our goalkeepers to express themselves throughout each session
  • To encourage goalkeepers to want to improve
  • To have been goalkeepers themselves which enables to pass on knowledge and experience to others
  • Encourage goalkeepers to act as the 11th man through incorporation of footwork/ passing exercises
  • Encourage correct practice through sound technical advice
  • Set a great example to goalkeepers by showing respect to all
  • Ensure all goalkeepers show respect, not only to the coach but also others
  • Encourage young goalkeepers to pass on knowledge and experience to each other
  • Assess a goalkeepers understanding of the position by various coaching methods
What we expect from Our Goalkeepers
  • Display the correct attitude throughout each session to ensure they develop as much as they can
  • Show respect to the coaches and other goalkeepers
  • Never know when they are beaten, don’t give up on anything
  • Use disappointment to drive them forwards
  • To demand excellence of themselves whilst having fun
  • Help other goalkeepers where we can
  • To continue to use techniques and methods learned at goalkeeper training within team training and games
  • Understand that they will make mistakes attempting to do the right things but to not give up and revert back to old methods
  • To be comfortable on the ball and be happy to play with the ball at their feet
  • To understand that being a great goalkeeper isn’t achieved overnight. It requires a lot of hard work
  • Understand that you will sometimes take hard knocks as a goalkeeper, don’t let that deter you, those hard knocks may win your team a game!
  • Not every save needs to be a diving save
  • Use all of the tools given to you by your coach to be able to make the right decision at the right time
  • Don’t make excuses. If it isn’t going right, work harder to get it right