Wall of Achievement

Welcome to our Wall of Achievement, a place where we honour all of our students achievements whilst with Elite Goalkeeper Academy.

If you’re the parent/guardian/coach of a current student and would like their achievements places on this page, please email: info@elitegkacademy.com


2013/14 Season: 

Freddie Carrick – Whilst playing for Cramlington Juniors u8’s Freddie was picked up by Sunderland AFC. He finished the season with Cramlington Juniors winning Most Improved Player then signed for Sunderland AFC at the beginning of the 2014/15 season. What is quite amazing about Freddie is how natural he is and how well he understands goalkeeping, you can give him any challenge and he comes up with an answer. You can show him a technique once he goes away to practice it and comes back the next week having it near perfect. I’ve no doubt this young lad has a very bright future in football!















2014/15 Season:

Sam Eaton – Sam has been on trial at both Newcastle United and Sunderland AFC for quite some time now and has finally made the decision to sign for Sunderland on 10/5/15. Sam had previously attended weekly goalkeeper training supplied by Whitley Bay Boys Club as well as Attending our 2014 Summer Goalkeeper Camp. Sam has shown great improvements in his time with WBBC and has fully deserved the recognition he has received. His willingness to learn and fearlessness are huge attributes that all goalkeepers must aspire to possess to succeed. Well Done Sam!















Jack Patterson – Jack has only just started playing football at the beginning of this season in an u7 set-up at Whitley Bay Boys Club where he has also attended our weekly goalkeeper training. This season Jack’s team won the Pinpoint Fair Play Award and Jack won Outstanding Player of the Season. What is even more impressive is that Jack is only 5 years old. We have been highly impressed by Jack’s progress over the season and our thoroughly looking forward to continuing coaching Jack and seeing him progress further! Jacks dad, John, has this to say: ” his confidence has grown as a keeper throughout the season down to you and his coaches at Whitley Bay, not too bad for him only being 5″















Aidan Ripken – Aidan began training with Elite Goalkeeper Academy in October when we began our relationship with Blyth Town FC. What has impressed us most about Aidan is how easy he is to coach, his attitude is exemplary and he is able to apply everything he is taught almost immediately. His progress not only as a goalkeeper but as a confident young man have been obvious for all to see. If Aidan continues with his progress there is absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t go all the way to the top! Aidan won Most Professional Player of the Season for the 2014/15 season. Here are some words from his dad, Jim and also his coach:

“Although I consider Aidan to be a natural goalkeeper, since he started training with you he has improved his all round game. His better positioning, awareness and shear presence in the box has been there for all to see. This season was the first in a higher league and despite this he has kept 7 clean sheets, been awarded man of the match 5 times and awarded most professional player by his coach at the end of season presentation. Aidan’s coaches write up in the presentation is ‘Aidan is a rock in the pegs – he has great hands and is by far the best keeper in our league if not all of the leagues. I see no reason that in a few years I won’t be watching him on TV.’ I for one think that his performances this season are down to the coaching he gets from Elite Goalkeeping and long may it continue!”














Ashton Robson – Ashton has been training with Elite Goalkeeper Academy through Whitley Bay Boys Club for around a season now and has come on leaps and bounds since. His improvements have been there for all to see and he is regularly impressing us during training. All of his hard work seems to be paying off as he has been awarded both Pin Point Seria A Outstanding Player of the Year Award and also Player of the Tournament for his involvement in an u10 Tournament in Skegness where he stepped in for another team within the club whose goalkeeper was missing.

Ashton’s father, Oran, had this to say – ” Just want to say a big thank you as I know that he couldn’t have done so without your coaching over the last year!”

Well done Ashton on a fantastic 1st year with us at Elite!

IMG_4139 (1)












Hayden Ross – Hayden only began playing football approximately 1 year ago and has attended regular goalkeeper training at Whitley Bay Boys Club as well as a number of open group sessions in North Tyneside with Elite Goalkeeper Academy since he joined the club. Hayden’s improvements have been there for all to see and at his end of season presentation he was awarded with his teams Most Improved Player Award. Haydens’ work ethic and willingness to learn as his applies himself fully to each and every training session and is an absolute pleasure to coach. We’re sure more accolades will be coming his way in years to come!

His mother, Lisa, wanted to acknowledge the impact our training had on Hayden – ” Can I just thank you and Dan for all your efforts with Hayden, he wouldn’t have come on half as much had he not been coming on a Saturday, thank you both so much!”




Terry Purvis – Terry is only in his 1st full season of football, completing the 2014/15 season with Newcastle East End FC, in his 1st season Terry and his team have won everything they possibly could have, this culminated in an end of season presentation in which Terry was awarded with Managers Player and Most Improved Player as voted for by the parents of the team. Terry has been attending one on one sessions for some time now is an absolute joy to coach, his personality, love for the game and attitude are second to none!

His dad Terry had this to say: “a huge thank you to all the hard work you have put in with him this shows its paying off”.

11304490_10206533405152327_463109513_n 11406937_975730925780544_3081065392522494388_n















Mitchell McKitterick – Mitchell has been attending our weekly group sessions for quite some time now and never ceases to amaze us! His progression over the past season alone has been amazing and he is pulling off saves even the pro’s would be proud of each and every week. Mitchell completed a successful 2014/15 season with Velocity FC in Sunderland and finished the season having achieved the personal accolade of Players’ Player of the Year.

Well done Mitchell!














Dylan Hetherington  – Dylan has been attending our goalkeeping sessions up at Blyth Town FC for the past season and has shown huge improvements as the season has went on. He’s absorbed all information that has been given to him and has been able to apply it practically, which has resulted in some impressive performances for his team.

His mother, Amanda has recognised the contribution Elite Goalkeeper Academy has made not only to his progression but also his confidence: ” thank you for all the excellent training his confidence has grown hugely since the start of the season”

















Ben – Ben has been attending fortnightly goalkeeper training at his club Walbottle Juniors FC. Ben’s improvements over the season haven’t gone unnoticed as he was being scouted by Newcastle United FC earlier in the season and has more recently been awarded with Parents Player of the Season.

Keep up the hard work Ben!













Finley – Fin has been attending fortnightly training at Walbottle Juniors FC since the beginning of the season. He is a highly enthusiastic young goalkeeper who has come on massively since the beginning of the season! Finley was awarded for all his hard work and improvement by being awarded with Most Improved Player and was also giving an award for Most MOTM Awards for his team.

Congratulations Finley!













Josh – Josh has been attending fortnightly goalkeeping sessions with Walbottle Juniors FC along with weekly One on One sessions. Josh has improved massively and has taken everything has been taught on board which has contributed to some great performances that haven’t gone unnoticed. Josh won Most Improved Player at his teams’ presentation night!

Well done Josh!














Thomas White  Thomas has been attending Elite Goalkeeper Academy sessions now for around 18 months, he’s been taking part in regular group sessions, holiday camps and one on one sessions with both Steven and Dan. Thomas has an unrivalled love for the game and always wants to work hard to progress. His progressions over the past 8-10 months especially have been phenomenal not only as a goalkeeper but also as a person with both his ability, confidence and manner with others improving week on week. All of Thomas’ hard work has recently been rewarded through first of all earning a place on his first team at Prudhoe Town FC then receiving a whopping 3 awards at their end of season presentation (where he was even able to give a speech to thank his team mates and coaches); Supporters Player of the Season, Most Man of the Match Awards, Managers Player of the Season.

I have no doubt that if Thomas continues in the same manner that he currently is that he will be watched by not just regional, but clubs from all over the country! Keep up the good work Thomas!


photo (1)











Finely Lackenby-Mason  – Finley has been attending our sessions now for approximately 12 months. Finley has come on massively over that period of time and has been lauded for his performances by all who see him play and is also a player in high demand with many clubs requesting his services. Finley is an absolute pleasure to coach and always trains with a smile on his face, he loves the game so much and absorbs everything he is taught and continues to work on new techniques until he has perfected them. Finley is definitely up there with the top keepers in the region and if he continues to progress and apply himself he should have no problems in playing at a very high standard when he is older. Fin has attended regular weekly sessions along with school holiday camps and one on one sessions. This season he was awarded with Players Player of the Year (pictured) and Parents Player of the Year. Congratulations Fin!



















James McDermott – James has been attending our sessions for quite some time now, he’s been working within our group sessions and one on one sessions. The one thing that struck me immediately about James was how much of a natural goalkeeper he was when I first seen him. His natural ability wasn’t just there for me to see and James was chosen to represent his School District team where they won; North East 7 a side Cup and were 5 a side runners up. He also won the School League and Cup with Ouston Primary School where he was also awarded Managers Player of the Season for his performances throughout the season. Well Done James!




















Greg Thompson – Greg has been attending our training up at Blyth Town since the beginning of the season and his improvements have been fantastic. Greg really enjoys the sessions and his love for goalkeeping is there for all to see, he always trains with a smile on his face and picks things up easily. Greg was rewarded for his hard work and some cracking performances by winning the Most Man of the Match Award for his team this season. If Greg carries on the way he is going then I’m sure this will be the 1st of many personal accolades for Greg in the coming years!


















Ethan Smiles – Ethan started attending our training sessions in February and has been a regular attender at both our Weekly Group Sessions and all School Holiday Camps. Ethan is only 5 years old and is an absolute pleasure to coach, his personality is infectious and all our goalkeepers look out for him, make time for him and help him out where they can. Over the past 5 months his progress has been phenomenal and that certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed! He’s being complemented on his improvements week in week out and was awarded a special award of Players Player of the Season by his team mates from the u7s team he’s recently been playing for. We’re looking forward to helping Ethan further progress over the years and can’t wait to see where this journey may take him!